How to Fix Air Bed Leaks 

Some people may think they need to purchase a replacement air mattress once theirs begins to seep air. Air leaks in air mattresses are quite common. Because of this, some companies can free provide air mattress patch kits, which include either clear or colored stick-on patches that cover up larger holes. However, sometimes patch kits aren't always recommended, especially if there are a number of tiny leaks caused by small holes and abrasions. In order to successfully fix all sizes of air bed leaks, read the following steps.


1.  Call the mattress manufacturer before purchasing an air bed patch kit. Oftentimes, they will provide you with a patch kit for free. This is especially important if the leak is on the top of the mattress, since most air bed tops are velour or other type of fabric.

2Blow up the mattress and determine where the larger holes are. An easy way to locate the holes is by spraying water over the vinyl side of the air mattress. The water will bubble where the holes are. You can also listen for hissing from the release of air, or run your hand over the mattress to feel for the leak.

3. Mark the area around the hole with a small white dot.

4Deflate the mattress.

5Stick the vinyl patches over the white marks around the larger holes in the air mattress. Make sure the holes are completely covered. Patch any holes on top of the mattress using the patch kit provided by the manufacturer. Velour or cloth patches can also be purchased in stores.

6Lay down the old sheet or newspapers outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Place the air mattress top down over the sheet.

7Spray several coats of paint over the areas of the mattress affected by tiny holes. Make sure the paint is the same or a similar color to the bottom of the air mattress. Let the paint dry in between coats.

8Re-inflate the mattress after the paint is completely dry at least 12 hours.