Fabric laminated air bed
Queen Fabric Air Bed
Deluex Fabric Queen Size Air Bed Manufacture
Comfort O-beam Construction with fabric
Queen Inflatable Size: 80*60*18"/ 203*153*46 CM
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Amazon Hot Selling Inflatable Air Bed| Queen Size Mattress OEM Factory

Multi-layer  top fabric ceates an amazing comfortable sleeping experience.

Bonded fabric surface is more durabel and soft to the touch.

47% more puncture-resistant and 25% stronger than a standard flock air mattress.

Support up 600 LBS.

We can OEM four standard sizes of the fabric laminated airbeds:

California king Size: 80 * 73* 18"-22" (Height)

Queen Size: 80*60*18"18"-20"  (Height)

Full Size: 75*54*18"18"-20" (Height)

Twin Size: 75*40*18"18"-20" (Height)